About Us

Zack and Robyn Martyn in their freelance design office and tiny house

Why we started Martyn Media

Honestly graphic design and marketing isn't all that easy or lucrative. It can mean late nights, tight deadlines, sore backs and burnt retinas. But we love it all the same because of emails like these:

There is nothing more rewarding to us than bringing someone's vision to life. 


This is why we strongly believe good design should be accessible to everyone. Our focus is on helping soloprenuers, artists, and charities promote and grow their passions. We do this by helping them use tools and resources that help make this process easy for them. 

Our Vision

To fulfill our creative passion through helping others communicate effectively. 

Our Mission

We help passionate individuals in Western Canada succeed by bringing them creative functional communications, tools, imagery and marketing materials. 

Our Values

Customer Service Focused

Honest and Trustworthy

Work / Life Balanced

Environmentally Conscious

Active Listeners

Kindness Out / Kindness In

Who are these Dweebs?

How dare you. 

Zack - the Maniac

Zack Martyn getting ready for his event the NoFunRun.

A passion to be creative and focus on the details. I love art, photography, design and woodwork. The world is packed full of creative visual splendor and I want to explore it all. 

My roles:

  • Art Director (picky AF)
  • Idea Generation Super Highway
  • Video Editor and Director
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Photographer
  • IT Tech-ish
  • Comic Relief
  • Exercise Pusher
  • Procrastinator

Robyn - the Motivated

Robyn Martyn longboarding wearing a Martyn Media T-shirt Design

A motivated maker who thrives when working to help people achieve their goals. I love crafting, painting, layout and organization. I appreciate all things related to space and how we use it to make it as effective and efficient as possible. 

My roles:

  • Communications Director
  • Overall Operations Organizor
  • Illustrator 
  • Typography and Layout
  • Camera woman / actress
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Website Designer
  • Work Pusher